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"Got a Cut, Get a Maggot"
Maggots are useful in treating deep wounds without increasing the risk of further infection. Maggots work because they eat dead tissue (debridement) within the wound, which can promote infection. They also disinfect the wound by killing bacteria and they stimulate wound healing.

Hospitals around the world breed selected fly larvae in sterile environments. These “medical maggots” are applied directly to wounds such as ulcers and burns, which are otherwise difficult to heal.The secret is in a fluid secreted by the maggots to help them consume decaying tissue.

Scientists have produced an enzyme from the maggot fluid with the capacity to remove decaying tissue from the wound, giving the underlying tissue a better chance to heal.This knowledge can now be applied to make effective wound-care products.A bandage impregnated with maggot “juice” is one possibility. But a gel containing maggot enzymes is the most likely product. Such a gel could be spread over wounds to promote healing. Read more here.
"The Green in Potatoes"external image green-maris.jpg
Green = vegetables = good, right? Not when it comes to potatoes. Here's an important piece of information that few these days know about. Green in potatoes indicates the presence of a rather harmful toxin.

When you see patches of green in your potatoes as you peel them, cut out the green parts entirely and discard them. What is the green?

Actually it's chlorophyll. Not bad for you at all. But the chlorophyll indicates that the potato has been exposed to sunlight. And where the potato has been exposed to light is where a natural toxin in the potato (solanine) becomes concentrated at harmful levels. So, never store your potatoes on the counter. Always keep them in a cool, completely dark ple. According to the **Wikipedia**, deep-frying potatoes at a high temperature (306°F) effectively lowers the level of toxins. But boiling them (212°F) has no effect. Best to stay on the safe side and just cut away the green parts. The **NIH website** mentions that the potato sprouts can also have concentrated solanine, so those too should never be eaten.